[xj40] Fix for Side & dashboard light fault

I have gotten so much info from this site that I would like to pay
back in kind.
Apologies if this has already been discussed. Having bought my 1990
XJ40,I found that the dashboard lights and all sidelights had an
intermittent fault. Sometimes they would not come on unless I kept
alternatively turning them on and off whilst starting the ignition.
It turned out to be a simple fix. It was the 3 way light switch
itself that caused the problem and a squirt of WD 40 in the switch
has cured the fault.
The switch is fairly easy to get to. Remove knob and fixing nut.
One screw underneath the lighting assembly removes the bottom
section, and the circuit board is held in place with a catch on the
front edge.
Note position of switch so you can replace in the same way as it is
very fiddly to get it back in the right position. A careful squirt
of switch cleaner, a few vigorous turns of the switch, which I had
replaced temporarily, and fault cured.You may consider
disconnecting the battery for safety, but make sure you don�t need
a code for your radio.I must admit that I re-connected the battery
to test the lights whilst it was dismantled and I did not have any
problems,but that was me!
Jaguar 1990 XJ-40 Owner ,& Blues Guitar Player
Manchester, United Kingdom
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