Xj40 fuel tank needed

(Include at least one picture)


Asking price (if selling):

Location:York, Pa

Contact information: espressostan@hotmail.com

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Try Welsh Enterprises in Steubenville Ohio. They have a large amount of low mileage salvage. You can also have your tank refurbished.

Hi Stan
I have a nice unit out of a 94 XJ40 if you still need one
i’m located in south florida

Thanks so much for the offer.
I have found one but is in car in junk yard.
So what will you sell it for?

A pic would be nice for comparison to shape of my old one
Mine has external fuel pump

I am selling the tanks for $150 plus shipping
I can send photos if need be
It came out of a decent south fla car that I totaled in the front

Pic would be useful to verify exact fit.
Do you have hoses, clips etc?
How would you ship?

I just noticed that you said selling tankS for 150
I have only one tank

Yes just one tank
Sorry for the confusion
I also have tanks from the 95-97 XJ6 and
98-03 XJ8s

May I get a pic please?
Do you have a shipping estimate?

Hi Stan
Enclosed you will find 3 exterior shots of the tank and two interior shots
The interior is exceptionally clean
I would hate to see the inside of one out of a junk yard
Send me a city/state/zip and I’ll check on shipping


This vaguely like mine except yours is clean and mine is nasty.
I cannot imagine what interior of junker would look like, certainly not like this!
I’m in York, Pa 17404

Your tank seems so much more practical as I have no idea what condition a junk yard tank would be in.
Let me know what you find on shipping and what sort of payment you can accept.
Regards, Stan

Hi Stan
I’m working on the shipping options
It seems shipping a fuel tank is a bit of a challenge
The plus is that there are no fuel vapors-long gone-and as you saw dry with no residue
It will take a couple days to contact shippers
In the interim do need any other parts for the jag?

I tore the rubber that surrounds the fuel filler neck and rubber seal around fuel lines/drain plug on the bottom
Otherwise I’m finding what I need so far
Want to replace dist cap, plug wires, etc.
this car sat behind a barn for 10 years

Some other shippers indicate that they seal up the part in garbage bags with duct tape and pack in some kind of box and then identify it as used car parts.

Hi Stan
I checked with UPS and Greyhound Express
Both came up with the same shipping which is approximately $100

I recently had a radiator shipped from the DC area to mid-Arkansas. I looked on-line at the UPS and FedEX web sites and came up with pricing in the $45 to $40 range. Since I was paying for the shipping I drove down to the local UPS terminal and bought the shipping label which I then scanned and e-mailed to the person sending me the radiator. He stuck the label on the box and dropped it off at his UPS place. Prior to this the shipper gave me the box dimensions and weight.

The shipping cost was $22. I asked the lady at UPS about the difference in prices and she said I would get a different price on line than I would at the terminal and then she checked to see how much it would cost if the shipper in the DC area had taken the radiator to his UPS terminal and paid for the shipping. That cost would have been $45. She couldn’t really explain why there was such significant difference in price but we both agreed it’s best to figure shipping in a variety of ways and pick the one you want.

Very interesting.
Good advice, thank you for that.

I went to check out a wrecked car and wound up buying a very good tank this afternoon.
I brought it home with me and am confident that it will do the job.
That you so much for your offer and for checking about the shipping options.
I hope you have success in selling all your tanks.
Thank you again for responding.