[xj40] How I got my first Jag

Mine was a “rash” impulse buy. I graduated from university and moved to
Germany from the UK, selling my 1996 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting (1100cc!!).

Obviously, I needed transport and spent several months looking at Mercedes
(they are made 5 mins from where I live), but for the cash I had I couldn’t
get one with less than 150,000 miles or a decent spec. I also looked at
some Audis, and basically decided that I would probably have to settle for a
Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia. After driving home from seeing one, I passed a car
lot 12 houses up from where I lived. I stopped just after, and got out, and
staring me in the face was a 1993 Jaguar Sovereign 4.0l. I decided I could
just about not afford it :slight_smile: so, after some brief research and checks, I
drew out the cash from the bank and bought it! Now I drive a beautiful car
with plenty of power, style, individuality and Britishness, and for the same
price as my friends VW Golfs, Daewoos etc etc!

After 10,000km, it has not let me down once. Which is more than can be said
for the aforementioned VWs and Daewoos…

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