Xj40 hub cap for a 94 sovereign

(Barry) #1

Hi guys. I had two new tyres fitted to my 94 xj40 sovereign and when I returned home I found one of my hub caps missing. ( not happy) would anybody have any idea where I might be able to find one. I’ve had no luck in Australia. The part no. on the back is ccc6818.Thanks in advance. Barry

(Bryan N) #2


Have you tried e-bay? e.g.-

(Mike Stone) #3

Barry - unless I am mistaken, according to Jaguar ( https://www.jaguarclassicparts.com/au/part/CAC64391 ) part no. CAC64391 should work on your car and it is available in Australia:

(Barry) #4

Hi. Thanks for the reply. that no.is the wrong one for my car. I can only hope someone has a second hand one as it seems they don’t make them any more.

( Larry ) #5

Not sure if they still have stock, you’ll have to check but here’s the ccc6818 I found on the Welsh Ent.site


(David Martin) #6

Make the company that lost it do the leg work and fimd a replacement!

(Barry) #7

Hi.guys.thanks for this information. I will contact them and let you know how I go.The firm that lost it would not have a clue how to go about finding one. Barry.