[xj40] Is there a way to bypass dimmer rheostat - help needed

Ok I am done ranting for the day and need a fix.

I metered the ohms between the green and yellow wires.
While turning the switch numbers started to change but
about 10% into the turn it went open circuit. Ok, so I
guess the rheostat is shot.

Is there a way to jumper the wires so that the dash lights
come on at night. I don’t really care about dimming the
lights at the moment, I just need to be able to see the
speedometer. And bypassing the dimmer switch would isolate
the problem. If the lights don’t come on when I jumper
past the switch then it must not be the switch.

I’ll work on getting another switch but do not look forward
to soldering it onto the wires. Soldering wires has never
been my expertise. Could I just get a rheostat at a local
electronics store?

I wonder if I blew a fuse and that is the reason they no
longer come on when jiggling the wires? Would it show up
on the dash?–
John 90 XJ40
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