Xj40 keys. Does it have 2 seperate keys?

Hello everyone, looking on the internet I could not figure out if xj40’s have 2 keys. One for ignition and one for door. My girlfriend’s uncle says he has them but he is not sure where so I can’t understand if it has seperate keys. Thanks.

You are on the wrong list. This list is for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. Your car is an entirely different model. I recommend that you post on the XJ40 list.


I‘ve moved it to #xj40

It has one key, the black one. There is of course the second key, the green “valet” key which will open everything but the trunk.

If you have two black keys, it means something has been changed, usually this will be one of the front door locks after a replacement handle(s) have been fitted.

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Or in my case, I have a black and a green, but neither unlock the doors, most likely due to the front door handles being changed out at some point. So, I installed a dirt cheap remote locking system and I’m mostly good. I even have a backup plan should the battery go flat - the rear passenger door doesn’t actually lock so I can always get in. So, you’re thinking so can anyone else. That’s right, but all I’m trying to do is discourage the casual opportunist thief who only tries the front doors to gain access to the glove box or center console or radio.

All this talk is MOOT. The OP does NOT state if the car is 3.6 or 4.0 so TIBBE locks or regular keys are NOT KNOWN.

BIG DIFFERENCE (not going to wonder which is which) (I’m out)

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Hey nobody steals radios anymore, the pawn shops won’t even take 'em!

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my 89 has two, one for ignition and one for trunk. non tibs.

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