Xj40 manifold question

Hi , One last question , i hope , on the brake booster change , i have searched the archives and the web , i’m still not sure on where to tap into the manifold for vacuum . Some have said near the fuel regulator , but nothing there . I was thinking would it be possible drill a hole in one of the elbows and have friend ali weld in a fitting .?

Those were abs/plastic on my ‘92? I would drill and tap a hole into the actual plenum and fit a brass hose fitting. Anywhere that’s convenient would do.

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Thanks Robin , yeah i have cast ones on mine . Don’t really want to take the manifold off , just thought easier on one of the elbows , easy to take one of them off.

In that case just drill and tap for a tail piece;

Robin , this is what i’ve done , should work nicely , i hope . Mark

Yep a bit of teflon tape on the threads.