[xj40] New Jag-lovers lists

Owing to popular demand, here is the updated list. The items
will be brought up at the monthly meeting in Fiji. Get your
votes in now.-

Pete Crosby (@pacjag)
In the sunny southland (Marietta, Georgia, USA)
'88 BRG XJ40
'03 Yellow/Black Mini Cooper S

Oil-lovers -For those who just love to talk about all aspects
of motor oil. How often should it be changed? What
viscosity is best? What snake oils should I put in
it? Should I use synthetic? Should I send a sample
out to the lab at every oil change so I will know
if my car has VD (Viscosity Degradation)?

Tire-lovers -Similar to Oil-lovers but uniquely targeted at the
discriminating driver who just loves all things
rubber. FAQs will be made available to totally
confuse everyone about rolling circumference,
maximum loading, speed rating, number of sidewall
belts, and which tires to switch to each month to
get the maximum grip while maintaining the correct
Grace, Pace, and Space.

Wax-lovers -Geared toward the detailing aficionado, discussions
will center around all aspects of auto appearance
care. Choosing the right wax, applying the right
wax, buffing the right wax, etc…, will be monthly
hot topics.

Filter-lovers -For the auto owner who wants that last micron of
particulate out the transmission fluid, air, fuel,
and oil. There will be a weekly update on the
suspected conspiracy among filter suppliers to
build the exact same filter but charge wildly
varying prices for them. Post mortems will also
be performed on every member’s filters when they
are changed.

Plug-lovers -If one electrode is good, then twenty is better,
right? If steel is a good material for an
electrode, then unobtainium, at 1000 times the
the price, has got to be 1000 times better, right?
This is sure to be a hot group. The line to join
up starts to the right.

Bulb-lovers -A great place for the closet metallurgists and
physicists to discuss the respective pluses and
minuses of nickle-plated brass bulb sockets versus
plain brass. There will be regular discussions on
BFM soldering, socket cleaning, ground connection
verification, and whether a British ohm is the same
as a U.S. of A. ohm.


Ford-haters -Ideally suited to those who like to re-hash the
never-ending argument over whether Ford has been
good for Jaguar Motor Cars or not. Excitement will
be constant as new cars are developed and released
and list members square off to battle time and time
again about such topics as V8 vs inline-6 or V12,
all-wheel drive vs rear wheel drive, and the much
anticipated free-for-all regarding English maple
trim vs North American maple (gasp!).

Refrigent-lovers -For those who love to discuss thermodynamics
and all aspects of refrigerant alternatives. An on-going
discussion of safety issues is assured. Conspiracy theories
about chemical manufacturers, government, and the scientific
community will be a monthly hot topic. Having a copy of
GoldenBooks “Big Book of Refrigerants” will be helpful to
subscribers, but is not required as there is ample confusing
information on the internet to assure participation by all.

          Note: Posts relevant to the repair of actual air conditioning
                    systems will be considered off-topic.

WD40-lovers -Lively discussions with no basis in fact will be sure to
entertain the discerning home mechanic on this list. Special
emphasis is placed on new and novel uses for this magical
elixir. There will be monthly postings and prizes awarded for
the best food recipe, medicinal application, and a special
category for the most novel use.

          Note: discussions relating to the actual intended use of this
                     product (water displacement) will be frowned upon as
                     will any postings related to using the proper cleaner
                     or lubricant instead of WD40. Failure to follow these
                     guidelines will result in summary removal of the
                     offending list-member from the subscription roles.

and last but not least…

FAQ_OnlineBook_ServiceManual-haters -This list will serve the
new subscribers whose sole purpose in life is to ignore the
wisdom of the ages and aggravate the existence of those
members of the established lists who have, in their obvious
stupidity, spent a great deal of time compiling said data in
the mistaken impression that someone will actually read it.
New and novel ways to dredge up old, beaten to death
topics will be the primary focus. Special points, redeemable
at your local K-Mart for cans of WD40, will be awarded
each month with special bonus points given for each
old-timer being prodded into a personal attack over
some well-known fact or procedure. Special “extra”
points will result if the contention is one that defies
the immutable laws of physics.

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