[xj40] No start, no rpm when turning over

1994 XJ12
I’ve had a difficult no start problem. First it happened only when
the car was warm - the car started perfect when cold. Then it
began shutting off when driving as if I had turned off the key - no
sputter, just suddenly off. Sometimes it would start right back
up, sometimes it had to wait an hour or so. Now it will not start
at all. I have no rpm movement when turning it over, no spark and
no fuel. I just replaced the camshaft position sensor after
reading past posts and finding identical symptoms corrected by a
new cps. No change after the new cps. I had also replaced the
coolant temp sensor when the car would not start hot but was still
running fine from a cold start - no luck.

Any suggestions out there. From all the great info I’ve read I
really thought the cps was it.

Mike in Maine–
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