[xj40] No Start-Solved !/ MAF Sensor Bad

Got it Started!! As you suggested, I went back to the basics and rechecked
for continuity between amp., cps and the ecu. When I first checked this, it
checked out ok. Then on the re-test, the cps tested no continuity on the
blue wire! It turned out that the wires on the female side of the cps
connector where loose where they attach to the bullet pins. Originally,
they where crimped to the connector and must have pulled loose when I
replaced the cps. I reconnected the wires and soldered them to the pin for
good measure, and all is running great. Notice to all–check for loose wire
connections, especially for the small wire diameters, they can pull loose
inside the connector at the pins!!

Now my problem is, I have a “check engine” light on- Code 11. I checked the
pot. and its ok. But while I had the big cat in for the dealer to replace
the leaking pinion seal (I would have done it, but for $300.00, if its
screwed up, they replaced the rear dif. if the output bearing goes out) I
had them check the code and they found an open circuit on one of the Mass
Air Flow (MAF) sensor wires–suppose to be about 1500 ohms or so? Does
anyone know if the MAF sensor can be repaired, or am I looking at

Tom, '90 Sovereign>From: “djhaydel” djhaydel@cox.net

To: “‘Tom Keohan’” <@tom_keohan>
Subject: No start
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 11:01:54 -0500

Haven’t seen anything posted in awhile. Any success yet with

Just one other checks that you might make (go back to basics).
Check rotor for rotation (broken shaft) and timing (possibly
jumped). Make sure #1 is up and rotor is on #1 position for firing. If
it is 180 out your not on the firing stroke but #6 should be up.
Also you are sure when you change the cap an wires you got them
back in the right firing order.

Absolutely no insults here. I’ve had instances when I’ve worked
on things over long periods of time with lots of frustrations involved I
got something screwed up. The last one cost me $750 on my sons 83 Monte
Carlo when I fried the ignition system by hooking up a plug to the
module backwards. The mechanic that eventually fixed it had to go get
the Chevrolet manual from the dealership to figure it out and that took
the better part of a week.


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