[xj40] RE: Stereo

Stefan Roundy sells radios I have gone through…

You can add a cd style radio off a 1991 year car, as that year
still had the woofers under the rear seat, but you have to convert
the cables as they were different connector types, and
you have to run the cable from the radio to the trunk for the CD

I have had a few radios with your problem…some chip inside
the radio controls/switches the audio signals between the tuners
and tape transport, and fails.
If I had a diagram, I could figure it out, and maybe I can trace
the signal, but its a pain as it jumps all around the radio,
including the volume/tone controls.
I am working on one now with no audio at all, although the output
amps are working, as are the tuners…

I can pick up the audio off the tuners with an external amp,
trace it to the volume controls, and loose it between there and the
audio output board.

All this stuff is ecu controlled by switching diodes on and off
by the ecu, so its also possible the ecu had a problem.

Trying to fix complex problems without any info is challenging,
especially in ecu controlled stuff!

Most radios I see that have real problems like this also
have water damage.

The radios use regulated power busses at various voltages, and
if the voltage goes out of range due to failure of the
regulators from water damage, it takes out the chips I think…

If you don’t have water damage, then they typically fix easy
with just belt or solder problems, and bulbs out.

There are various places listed on the parts post that do wood.
Its very expensive though…

I have no idea about wheels.
I tend to like the standard Jaguar wheels, and might change
sizes/styles between models, but think most aftermarket
wheels would look very out of place on a Jaguar.
Unlike most other cars, the Jaguar does not need aftermarket
bits to look sharp, it does that by itself.

You could put something like XJR wheels on, or newer models
that have bigger wheels (16 inch).
The Jaguar is a heavy car, and I would worry about aftermarket
wheels holding up on a 4000 Lb car…

1990 XJ6>

A couple of years ago I emailed you about stereo problems I
was having
with my '88 XJ6. I’ve since sold it and bought a '89 XJ6 VDP.
Go figure, the stereo is messed up on this one too.
The tape deck works, but sometimes it decides to flip sides
back and forth
without me touching any buttons, but sounds and plays fine
when it’s not
throwing it’s tantrum. The radio scans and grabs local
“strong signal”
stations, but no sound comes out the speakers on radio
mode…NO sound.
Channel 19 works fine.
My question is, do you know of someone who sells new or excellent
condition radios for this model? Will a newer model Jag radio
with a CD
player fit without customizing? I don’t really care to take
it out and send
it off for several weeks to have it repaired, just to have to
my dash all over again.
NEXT, do you know of anyone that sells wood interior kits
for this model?
How about some snazzy aftermarket wheels?
Thanks for all of the help!
Paul Delaney

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