XJ40 rear suspension spacers

Hi Can anyone tell me the size , dimensions of unfitted spacers No 13 and 15 in the picture . Thanks Mark

They are foam ‘donuts’ and I just buy them from the dealer.
All 4 for less than $50 and they last about 8 to 10 years.

I also replace #5 and #14 at the same time.

Motorcarman , i have 5 and 14 , and the dealers here in Australia charge like a wounded bull ,prices are ridiculous here . I would buy from the US , but postage is also too much , can’t win , was going to try and source some materials and make my own .

Hi Mark!
I’ve found the original ones and these are my measurements. Hope it helps.

Thanks Joe , will see what i can come up with .

You’re welcome Mark. Let us know (preferably with pictures :slight_smile:) what you made.
I made my own front and rear isolators from polyurethane.

Joe , pretty impressive stuff there . What type of polyurethane do you use and where would i be likely to get it from ? hardware store or what ? Your way of doing it looks good , is the ride the same , softer or harsher .

I got the polyurethane online from an American site Polytek.com. There’s another site, brickintheyard.com.
There’s different softness of polyurethane available. But they don’t last forever, sometimes the upper isolator of the front shock splits but I made more so I have spare isolators. I have a knock in the rear, I haven’t checked the rear upper isolators. I think the top isolators should be made from harder polyurethane.

This is what I used last time.

Joe, you show the pic with the washer upside down …did you install it like that?

Yes Larry. I tried to put it back right side up but the bottom of the washer was sitting on the top of that carbon tube compressing only a tiny part of the center of the upper isolator. Upside down position makes a tighter setup.

Interesting! I used the X300 style bushing arrangement (different size bushes, spacers etc), so my top washer eventually contacts the top plate and sits on the raised ridge.

I think you did the original setup. Mine is different a little bit.

Thanks Joe , i will do some net surfing and see what i can get here in Australia . Being in lock down with this virus going around it’s time to do some experimenting and maintainance on the car .take care .

No it wasn’t original, my setup eliminated the cowboy hat bushing and used a much fatter steel spacer and larger diameter bushings, standard X300 system.

Ok Mark, let us know how things are going.
Stay safe.

Is it still holding?

So far so good! 5 years on …I did a thread on it back then but here’s a pic of the different components to compare …I was baffled how it would work without that top hat bush at first but eventually saw how the big bushes fill the space when compressed.

I remember this pic. That’s the setup I had (left side of your picture) when first time I disassembled the rear suspension. Except the metal spacer. In my case it was as tall as the lower isolator. I’m sure someone’s been there before.

Joe , Didn’t end up making my own , too difficult to be able to do in a flat . one question tho , what material and size did you use for the spacer tube that goes over the shock shaft ? Thanks Mark

Mark, I bought a carbon fiber tube from ebay. If I remember correctly it’s O.D. is 15 mm, I.D. is 10 mm.