XJ40 routing for wires threw firewall

Hi . I am looking for the best place to route some wires from the engine bay into the cabin , i don’t want to just randomly drill just anywhere . The car is a 1988 RHD . All suggestions taken on board .Mark

HI Mark …

That shouldn’t be too difficult. What are the wires for that you’re running and where are they located in the engine bay ?

I am running wires for spot lights , that have a approx 3/4 inch wide plug , worse comes to worse i could probably snip the plug off and re-wire once inside the car . The original wire for the spots has been butchered by PO. .

Mark …

With a soldering iron and heat shrink cutting wires is a no brainer. In all my experience I’ve never had one fail … so … if you can’t find a wire bundle going through the firewall that you can piggyback just drill a small-l-l hole in the fire wall, pop in a small-l-l rubber grommet to protect the wires, and loose that 3/4" plug.


Do I cut the red or the blue ???