XJ40 seminar at Browns Lane


A short note to let UK readers know that the XJ40 seminar to be run by the
Jaguar Enthusiasts Club at Browns Lane in March is full. I know because I
tried to register, but too late. Still, at least the prospect prompted me
to join JEC, which I had been meaning to do for months. Pity I did it too
late. The JEC promise to run other seminars throughout the year, and
specifically to run another one on the XJ40 around the same time next year.
At 15UKP it seemed like a bargain.

It was mouth-watering prospect - a day at the factory with lectures on the
car and various models on display with experts from the factory on hand.
Perhaps we can look forward to interesting reports from the JEC members who
did manage to register in time…

Steve, MJEC (as in MIEE, MP, FRCS, Bsc, Phd etc.)