[xj40] Stalling problem

I have a 1990 Sovereign which has a problem when started
after being off for about 4 hours. I’ll get about 1/4 mile
and suddenly lose power. The car will have just enough
oommph to get to the side of the road at about 400-500rpm,
but I can’t rev it any higher. When I then put it in park
or neutral, it stalls. I turn off the key, turn it back on
and start the car and away we go as if nothing ever
happened. At this point it won’t give me any more trouble.

Any ideas where to start looking?

Possibly related problem: In the morning, the car comes off
cold idle almost immediately, before the car is fully warmed up.

I have already replaced the idle air control valve motor.

It is summertime here with daytime temperatures in the
75-90F range.–
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