[xj40] starting problem could it be the coil?

I have had a starting problem for a while now…

quick recap, I turn the key, engine turns one or twice then
disengages, or sometimes doesnt engage at all and gives a weird
electrical noise.

I bought a used starter but its a pita to replace( according to

the problem usually occures one out of two starts.

Im no mechanic but every time I change an electrical component the
problem goes away for 10-15 starts ( I always think eureka)ex:
changed battery starts ok for 15-20 times, change plugs, wires and
rotor again 15 starts ok…

yesterday out of curiosity I asked my 12 year old bro to start the
car but before I tapped on the coil a few times before… the car
started fine 5 times in a row…( stoped trying after)

All you old timeres are probably thinking im a complete idiot but I
have to wonder???–
89 soverign
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