XJ40 stillborn replacement

As a avid XJ40 fan, I remember the first X300 I saw was parked on a street in downtown Toronto in February 1995 after, appropriately, attending an event where Margaret Thatcher spoke. I tried loving it but I don’t. It’s merely personal preference so let’s not argue this point.

I know of only two photos of the XJ90 model that was developed as the successor to the XJ40. Although not as beautiful as the XJ40 to me, I still find the XJ90 stillborn design attractive. The X300 just looks too wide at the front, lacking the Series III XJ6 design inspiration of large and small side-by-side headlamps and the narrower grille. Coulda, woulda, shoulda . . . oh well…27456310130_a1d1e17609