Xj40 sunroof swap

Hi Chaps , Iam thinking of swapping out my 88 model sunroof with one from a 93 , my question is will the whole unit from the 93 fit in my 88 ? . Thanks in advance Mark

I have an 89 w sunroof works AOK… Why would you want to swap?

Because mine is in very poor condition , easier to swap than fix , i think . And pick up the 93 very cheaply .

You may be right… its possible they, the sunroofs, are all the same part, a Jag dealer could verify if the sunroof assembly fit all years of the series 1988 to 1994 for XJ6 XJ40 series cars
if you fined out post info for any future Jaglovers car info searchers.

You could compare the individual part numbers in the Jaguar XJ40 parts catalogue.

An initial look seems to indicate that the main components are the same part number between an '88 and a '93/'94

This for the '88 MY -


This for the '93/'94 MY


Thanks Bryan , they are very similar ,mine is being a problem , worn and not working properly , so can get hold of a 93 one for $110 . Seems it would be a lot easier and less costly to use a 93 instead of rebuilding the 88 one .

2tone , once i find out , either way i will post my findings.