[xj40] Troubleshooting a "CLUNK"

Greetings fellow aficionados …

Now that I’ve chased all the other gremlins out of my car (eliminating the ‘‘bulb failure light’’ was particularly
satisfying) I’m down to one last quest.

The problem is a slightly hard shift between 1st and 2nd.
Also a mild clunk when I shift between drive and reverse
or quickly let off the accelerator when at highway speed.

I’m not quite sure if the two problems are related.

The transmission shift problem is rather slight and
no fewer than three transmission shops have told me to
just live with it…but I can’t. When I’m slowing down
everything is silky smooth between the gears until it time
to shift down to 1st. Then it’s wait-wait-wait…mild
clunk when it downshifts.

The problem may be complicated by the fact that I have the
ZF4hp22 transmission that is not electrically controlled
but has a kick down cable. I’ve adjusted the heck out of
it with no real success.

As far as the ‘‘cluck’’ shifting between drive and reverse,
with the car on a lift I can hear it but can’t pinpoint it
even using my trusty stethoscope. I’d say It’s definitely
not coming from the differential.

Any tips on troubleshooting this?–
Groove, 1989 XJ6 3.6L
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