XJ40 various parts

Hi Folks,

'88 '89 rebuilt alternator $75US
3.6 cylinder head, ready to install, lapped valves, clearances done, new stem seals, checked for flat $250
headlights $75 each
headlight surround early $25
early crank sensor used…$25
AJ6 water pump and housing. $75
front suspension bushings. $5 each
'90-'94 front door handle new. $40
RR smoked tail light lens. $25
'93 '94 6 litre NOS rack (rare part). $250
rear brake pads. $25
front suspension forward mounts 2/$30
front door seal. $25
hydraulic testing equipment. $100

me a ZIP if you want a shipping quote. I think everything can go post, except the rack which is too long.
Good luck with your Jaguars,
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Just bumping this to the top.

What side is the door seal for?

The door seal appears to be for the driver’s door, but may be a a RR also. There’s no part number on it, sorry.

By any chance do you still have the hydraulic testing equipment?

being that it may or may not be for the driver’s door, what’s your bottom dollar?

Glen. I forgot, the door seal came in a bag marked with part # and door - see above. Driver’s door. $15US plus post
Stephen, yes I have the test equipment…$75 US plus post.