Xj40 wiper issues

Hey Guys I have an 89 2.9 xj40 and a few things does anyone have the wiring for the round plug so I can fit a. New wiper motor but the only ones I can find are square plugs so I need to figure out the wiring, also Its been off the road for awhile and I’ve been getting her ready for her MOT and going through the usual and I went to check the wiper and on the first speed setting it sounded fine then on the faster one it was moving much much slower I just assumed it was stiff, so I oiled with release oil what I could get to without removing the whole wiper motor and wd40’d what I couldn’t but what would’ve been the cause for the motor to do that I didn’t realise these have a logic board to go with them, so any ideas what happened. Any info on the wiring for the plugs would be a great help thanks for reading

If you are referring to the connector at the wiper motor, according to the circuit diagrams it should be a 6-way Black connector.

The wiring is-
pin 1 - Red/yellow
pin 2 - Red/slate (grey)
pin 5 - Blue
pin 6 - Red
(pins 3 and 4 not used)

Okay but can you send a photo of the diagram or do you know which wire does which position speed and what the others are so I do mess anything up

Did you get the copy I sent via PM?