[xj40] XJ6 4.0 Automatic 4 Door - Beige, fix or part out?

I am the proud third owner of a 1994 Jaguar XJ6. As most of
you know, this is the last year they produced this before
the makeover.
About a month ago, I pulled around a right hand corner,
slid, and I was forced to drop her into a ditch to avoid
ramming her into a concrete barricade. The front spoiler
plastic is ripped up, the radiator has a nice crack in it,
and the windshield washer fluid is leaking quite nicely. The
front 2 wheels are bent in just enough to ruin the ride.
About 2 months before this set of circumstances, she hit
165,000 miles and right on cue, the head gasket blew and was
replaced. During the repair, a small crack was found in the
4th cylinder of the block. A bit of block sealant seemed to
make it work.

Besides the constant fight with the door handles, she is
otherwise in great shape. I have babied her and enjoy the
ride. I was driving about 1500 highway miles per month and
she stayed very solid.

So, my question…
Fix her or Part Out?
I love my Jaguar, but I cannot see holding onto a money pit
unless she is going to jump up in value in the next few
years at 25.

Thank you all.–
Benton City WA, United States
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