XJ40s w/o Self-Leveling Suspension

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After owning just about every model of Jag made between '88 and '00 with the exception of the “late model” XJ40s, I’ve decided to finally look into buying one. Frankly, I don’t care for the block headlights and never did care for the block taillights on all XJ-40s, but I’m looking for maximum mechanical reliability and ease of repair, not aesthetics, which apparently (the former) is what that model is all about.

Back when I owned my '88 XJ-40s, ,I remember reading that in a certain model year Jag did away with the problematic SLS system as well as the HMOS “green blood” brake assist. :+1: I think this was beginning with the '93 MY, but possibly it wasn’t until the last year of the model ('94). When exactly did this change occur? :confused: Also, how many of these were made? I’m wondering how likely it is that I will even be able to find one of that type for sale in good shape.

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by 1990 the xj40 didn’t use the green blood for the braking system. It did(does) still use it for the power steering, and sls systems. I have a 1991 xj40 that the previous owner converted to standard suspension, but it still uses the hydraulic oil for the power steering.

If you don’t like the look of them why buy one? Hair shirt time?

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Mainly b/c the earlier XJ40s had issues, including that notorious breaking door handles problem. :confounded: I found the X-300s not quite built up to Jag specs for durability and reliability, IMHO … From clear coat peeling on the horizontal surfaces to rust to other deficiencies. It only got worse with the X-308s. The only rust issue for the early XJ40s, and I would assume this would still be an issue for the latter ones, is that area at the bottom of the boot, adjacent to the edge of the boot lid. If I do buy one, I will make sure to inspect that area first. :heavy_check_mark:

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And early XJ40s had an corrosion issue at the corners of the rear window. This often appeared within the 6 year factory corrosion warranty. My 1990 which was always garaged and lived in a low humidity area, developed this issue at about 15 years age. I had it competently repaired (rear glass removed, etc) and now 14 years later it’s back. Doesn’t seem to be progressing so I just monitor it for now. I think there was a design flaw for the body which was corrected on the reskin in 1995 when the window corners were rounded off.

Exactly. One of my '88s had the same issue. :frowning_face: