XJ6 and Mk2 oil pressure sender same?

I was wondering if the series 3 XJ6 and Mk2 oil pressure senders were the same, the threads are and they look very similar, the Mk2 has a double spade connector, the XJ6 has a single,
I am also in need of one or two blanking bolts for the oil gallery as the series 3 engine seems to have three oil pressure switches ! if anyone in the UK has an old block with a couple of blanking bolts I could have let me know,

I would recommend fitting a mechanical oil pressure gauge , picture is of my XJ6 engine , on a engine stand , in it’s early stages of getting it ready to fire up , to make sure it was ok , before fitting in the MK2 , note the MK2 240 oil filter housing , the XJ6 cam feed oil pipe bolted straight in the top !

I will stick with the sender for now, don’t like oil pressure gauges at all, spend too much time looking at them, especially when flying a single engine Cessna across a dull and misty channel, the long way 90 miles to the Hurn coming back from Le Mans!

I will be using the blanked oil gallery hole just in front of the filter,

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It would fit, but calibration is probably off as the resistance varies. The oil pressure gauge itself is adjustable. I calibrated my own to be very accurate.

They are. The XJ6 has an 80lb sender, the Mk2 and contemporary e types had a 60lb sender. Paul.