XJ6 Charge Solenoid information

1989 XJ6 Hydraulic Charge solenoid . I have 2 charge solenoids both cleaned with solvent spray, same OHMS about 29 to 30 ohms both seem to close when voltage applied but one will open passageway if given a jolt --tap end on something rigid the other solenoid is much more difficult… the easier solenoid to open you can hear the valve when I shake the solenoid (not powered) the other is silent though that solenoid is more difficult to open… The easier one gives a sharp definitive CLICK when powered too.

Voltage closes off the flow in the solenoid… if the plunger cant move freely… how in heck can it open again to allow flow? seems the one with “valve” than can be “jolted” to open position is the good one?

Has anyone purchased one new and tested or shook a new one? Any noise when jolted on hard surface? Again how would it open unless hydraulic flow was able to push the non energizer valve open… Anyone take on apart??

Thanks to all