XJ6 Chrome grill cowl piece name?

Hi guys,

My chrome cowl piece (its a chrome piece of plastic up by the windshield that houses the windshield spritzer) is cracked and I’d like to get a new one… but I don’t know what it’s called! Also, likewise, if someone has one they are looking to unload… I’m looking!



Scuttle vent I believe.

Robert, Tyler,

Jaguar calls that part on the Series III XJ6/XJ12 simply the “Grille”, part number BAC1020.



And it’s cheap pot metal, not plastic. Can be pulled upwards and the two pins that locate it are breaking off easily, but can be fixed in that case.

That grille was plastic on all six of the Series III saloons that I owned and dozens more that I have seen over the years. I have never seen one made of metal on a Series III saloons.


Yes, chromed plastic on S3, a dull finish on pot metal on S1 and 2. But the earliest (68-9) S1 cars featured beautifully chromed pot metal (and the washer nozzle was also chromed). Best of both worlds!

Mine is plastic. Looked awful yellow with peeling “chrome” .
i replaced a nissing pin with decapitated screw.

Sprayed with what I thought was chome paint. Nope, more like cast alloy. Not bad. I used it. .


David at everydayxj will have good one fot you.

Oh. Then I’m wrong. I did the same thing Carl did and still thought it was metal.

I have a 71 XJ6 I am parting out, it has a metal grille piece. But kind of pitted. It would need some attention and rechroming to look real nice. Let me know if interested, i can get you a pic.