XJ6 engine discovered, considering

I’ve found a '71 XJ6 scavenged for parts. The engine is still available in rebuildable condition - supposedly. Compared to the E-Type, about the same, dime-a-dozen don’t bother, parts are made of unobtainium…? Is it possible to put a manual trans (Tremek or similar) behind it?

I’m considering another hot rod project.

Opinions please.

I am fitting an XK into my '66 Jeepster hot rod: I’ll use the BW66, just for ease of installation.

You could also use a toyota Supra 5 speed with an adaptor plate onto a Jag bellhousing…im useing one on an XJ6 engine in my C type Replica build

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The engines are eminently rebuildable. You can buy adapter plates to fit a variety of other boxes; Supra, J5. You might need an original bell housing but hey, I have 3 spares.

I just wonder though whether, bang for your buck, the US V8 is a cheaper choice. I spend a minimum of AU$6k for machining on an XK engine.

Yes, I put a Chevy 350 in my '34 coupe a few years back. EVERYBODY puts the same engine in their rods. Once in a while an old-schooler shows up with a flathead. Pretty rare.

The puzzle, If I can solve it, is how to fit another 10 inches of engine up front. The tail is wagging the dog for now - on paper at least.