XJ6 S1 headlight switch wiring

Drove the xj6 to work this evening, turned off the car and the headlights with the switch and the headlamps stayed on.
went off/on with the switch several times, lights stay on.
pulled the panel down and fiddled with the wiring at the back.
a blue wire came loose, and i do not know where to plug it back in. lights now off and wont come back on.
looks to be only 2 open spots on the top of the switch. tried both. lights wont come back on.
can anyone tell me where the wire goes? i’d prefer not to sit at work till daybreak.
thanks in advance

Have you checked at the dip switch, Jay - and did it switch between high and low beam?

If you have a late S1 - it may have the S2 set-up, which would complicate matters. Nominally; the blue wire would be connected to #2 switch terminal - but the original cause of the fault may be a failed switch?

Which now might play up. The blue wire simply takes power to the dip switch with the light switch ‘on’…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

thx for the reply!
hi/low beam switch on the floor works.
don’t know if i’m early or late.
i’ll check on the #2 terminal. is that lower passenger side of the switch?
i believe the switch to be bad. don’t have a meter to test.

can i remove the panel light switch and put it in place of the headlight switch to get me home in the dark? or does it need to get power from the panel switch? i “assume” it’s the same type of switch?

got the car home on the running lights.
ordering new headlamp switch.