XJ6 S3 front door lock relay postion picture

Hello, I have had work done to the footwells and floor and I need to re-attach the door lock relays on each side Could someone oblige with a picture? I am guessing they go in those little recess on each side. Why do they need a nylon spacer? Thanks, Brian

There should be no door lock relays on (late) S3 - they should have the Kiekert motor set-up. Where a control unit in the driver’s door operates the door locks. And the wire connections are in the right and left A-pillar…

However, if you do have the relays (and the solenoid set-up) relays are found in the same place. The nylon spacer is likely just that - to position the relay properly…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)