XJ6 Series 1 engine swap

Hi all, I have a Series 1 XJ6 crying out for a heart transplant and a rusty old XKR (X100) looking to donate that heart. Has anyone out there attempted this and if you have how did it go? All thoughts appreciated.

Yes. Searh for Arnoud Borderwijk in the old forum. He did it to a S2 XJ6C. Electronics the hardest part I think - you need to transplant almost the entire harness and modules/functions.

There’s been a couple of transplants of the 4.0 S/c engine into old ‘S’ types an MK11 so I can’t see why its not possible;

We are completing a Chevy LS3 (Corvette engine, 430 HP) swap into a XJ6 Series 1 and full details are on our blog: KrissMotors.com/XJ6

How is that relevant to an AJ16 SC transplant?

Thanks Buddy. That’ll give me an idea of what’s involved

Thanks Peter. Have done a Google search for him and bookmarked it.

Thanks Robin I’ve bookmarked that video.

Only generic. Almost anything can be transplanted into a lot of critters.

Tis the electronics that are a challenge.