XJ6 Series II and Series III Lowering front and rear

I want to lower the front and rear on my XJC that has a Chevy 350 TPI. I have searched for lowering springs for the front but can’t seem to find any. I am running XK8 5 spoke 17" staggered silver wheels 245/45/R17 tires in the front and there is a huge gap between tires and fender, and running 245/75/R17 in the rear. I have read one can place spacers between the coil spring pad and lower control arm. I tried that but it lowered the spring pad too much that it scrapes on the ground when driving over bumps and pot holes on the road so I removed the spacers. As for the rear I don’t know how well adjustable coil over will work to lower it. Has anyone used adjustable coil overs in the rear and has anyone located lowering coils for the front?

As you have robably lst about 100 pounds in the front of the car, it may have risen tover stock heighth.

I forgotwhat it is.

So, cut a coil off the stock front spring. With a cut off wheel, not a torch. Cut in the same way the stock end terminates.

As to the rear, the stock suspension is indeed coil overs, four of hem.

Adjustable after market? At oe time, there was an ourft in Geogia, USa. Carrera. They wold calculate the rate and make them pu. pricey as i recall.

Soud s like quite a car that you have.
Mie is owered byan LT1 frm a 94 Cadil Fleetwood brougham. A great match. Kit from Johns cars and some stuff fro jaguar specialties and some fro sun coast.


King springs in Australia is where a got my -30mm lowering springs for the front/rear of my XJ6 S1. shipping was more than the springs
if you check out you tube, you can heat a spring till it sags with a torch and stop remove the heat when it’s at the ride height you prefer. i do not recommend doing this, but people do it

I would always recommend cutting a spring over torching it. Torching alters the tempering of the spring steel where a cutoff wheel never will.

Regarding lowering the car, make sure the nylon spring packers (1/8" shim) at the top of the spring are removed. If I recall there is at least one per spring. My car had 2 per spring. Cutting a spring is a permanent change if you remove too much, but a coil removed is a conservative start. It just stinks to have to remove the spring every time to have to trim more off.

Hi angel,
I put a v8 in mine and of course I can look out drivers glass and see sky so I cut my springs couple weeks ago, however I then decided to add air bags to the front so I can adjust if needed.
I will add photos soon. :smile_cat:

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What was the size of your front spring lowering spacers, between coil spring pad and lower control arm?

I ask because I need to lower my front 2 inches. I have a 1977 XJ6 with a 1993 LT1 motor. I calculate that I will need a 1.2 inch spacer to lower it 2 inches. If your coil spring pads scrapped the pavement, then you removed the spacers, how much coil spring do you plan to cut?


Thickness of the spacers I used are 1”. However the IFS installed spacers on is on my 1959 Chevrolet Apache truck. Lower spring pads scraped just about everywhere so I removed the spacers. I have yet to try it on my XJ6C until I get it running but I am very close to starting it.


Patrick is the LT1 fuel injected?

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Here’s a picture of the 1” spacers installed

Patrick I do not intend to cut the coils springs, I am going to try 1/2” spacers the second my d go around to see how much my 59 Apache will be lowered.

Nice looking truck! I like the stance. Those pictures of the truck are with the spacers, right?
My LT1 is fuel injected. It is a stock 1993 Corvette motor.
I will have to rethink the lowering of my front, that scrapping of road bumps does not sound good. I have an extra jaguar that I have for parts. I might try cutting the springs, if something goes wrong, I have a spare set.

Andrew at Jag Specialties has lowering springs front and rear, and they’re custom made for him. $895 for f/r set. I bit more pricey than I need right now, but I would love to have a front pair. Idk if he will split them up.

My airbags-I have yet to inflate them :smile_cat:


That is very cool James!
How are you going to control the height?

I think this deserves a thread of it’s own!

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Thank you, I will start post shortly. I added an air tank, compressor, and a very simple air management system.
I also have bags in rear.

Love to see all the details and very curious about the rear setup!


Air bags in action on front. Drives excellent with air up front :smile_cat: Jaguar XJ-6 with LS1 and Air Bags :smiley_cat:


Very nice! What vendor did you get the air bags from?

More pics please! Whats with that brake master? Auto or T56?

I bought Slam air bags for front. And Firestone airbags on rear. I will make a blog post with all the details soon.

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