XJ6 Series III headlight switch

Is it possible to modify the switch so that the headlights and fog lights can be on together?

I’m not aware of any way to do it…but I’ve never tried doing it.

A relay can be added to accomplish what you want.


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I just finished modifying my driving/fog lights and low beam headlights like you are talking about. Yes, you will need to put a simple relay in the circuit. I used a spare relay from an old, generic set of fog lights from years ago that was laying around the shop. You will use the power for the relay from the power line (red/yellow?) that goes to the driving/fog lights. You then run a ‘power out supply’ wire to the power wire for the low beam headlights. You will of course, need to run a ground wire for the relay too. When the fog lights are powered by the light switch, the relay will then also be energized, and power to the headlights will be supplied too. You can get power for the headlight circuit from the wire for the fog lights.

Yes, possible and easy as mentioned, but counter productive.
They designed it this way because when there is serious fog the main beam lights reflect on the fog and blind you.

The standard combination for ‘European’ set-up is ‘low’ beam and fog lights - with the light switch to the ‘fog’ (4th) position, Roger. ‘High’ beam is disabled in the ‘fog’ position as high beam and fog is counterproductive…

The set-up requires ‘unlocking’ the 4th switch position - which is mechanically blocked in the ‘US’ set-up. As Doug relates, David’s experience when unlocking the locking circlip - in the ‘fog’ position the ‘US’ leaves the headlights unpowered…

The ‘European’ solution is an extra wire added from the light switch #5(?) to the blue/red (low beam) connection at the light relay. This will power the low beam while leaving the high beam unpowered. The high beam ‘flash’ function is retained…

However, the solution/reconnections may depend on how your fog lights are now turned on…so…?

A relay may of course be added to reduce the current load through the light switch - again related to your present set-up…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I agree that in snow and fog the headlights reflect the light back, and even worse with the high beams on. I understand the intent of having the headlights cut out when the fogs are switched on, but I am not so sure the police in the states are so enlightened. I could see other drivers calling in to the police that you are driving without headlights on and getting a ticket, regardless of the explanation.

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The intent is to keep the ‘low’ beam on with the fog setting - certainly not driving without headlights…

On the ‘US’ version the ‘fog’ position was mechanically blocked - and the fog lamps powered from some other source?

On the ‘European’ version the unpowered head lights in ‘fog’ position were powered by the added wire as described. Adding that ‘European’ had 15W rear fog guard lamps - ‘on’ in ‘fog’ only. And illegal to use fog lamps unless weather conditions warranted it…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)