XJ6 SIII Exhaust Manifold

Hi all,
Just pulled the heat shield off and discovered an ugly wound on the front manifold. Does this look like common thermal cracking? I can’t say that it’s leaking since I haven’t run it without the heat shield. I may fire her up tomorrow since it’s pouring out now.

No apparent stains from exhaust gasses so I would think you will be fine.

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Odd-looking cracalature: is the iron really cracked?

I have a couple spares, yours for shipping.

FWIW, I’ve seen that on several Jag manifolds. Never knew the how or why. It never seems to burst clear thru or cause a problem. I’ve shrugged it off as another of many mysteries I can’t explain.


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thanks all, turns out, as suggested the manifold isn’t leaking. I’m guessing it’s a ‘scorched earth’ anomaly caused by excessive heat built between the shield and manifold, maybe occurred when the car was new. And here’s a prettier pic of the XJ so you don’t have to stare at that scarred manifold:


Grrrreat looking Jag :slight_smile:


Was the heat shield touching the manifold at that point?

Yes, it was touching at that point. Actually, part of the reason I removed it, to see what was going on. I like the look now without the shield. Reminds me of an E-type.


All the heat that used to be shielded from all the componentry next to it?

Now isn’t being shielded.

Paint with VHT paint, or chrome it, but… it needs to be there.

But I’d be tempted to do a little pounding on it first to make sure it no longer contacts the manifold.

Indeed he should, Kirbert - shield touching the manifold rises the temp of both. The shield is meant to protect the surroundings from manifold heat - not to keep the manifold hot…:slight_smile:

It is it is imperative that air is allowed to circulate round the manifold…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Don’t be surprised if the car sounds different.