XJ6 Trip Computer - integration with XJ6

Hi guys,

I just wanted to see if anyone else out there has tried integrating the XJ6 trip computer with the LT1. I have mine working, sort of, but I’m not sure about how accurate it is based on some driving I did over the weekend.

When I’m at idle, the INST fuel reading is 1, of what I am not sure that is referring to. The miles per gallon reading I got was too good to be true - around 30.

Because my odometer isn’t working (stopped working a while ago), I can’t confirm exactly how far I went to test.

I adapted the trip computer to work with the XJ6 by adding a couple capacitors to an XJS’ trip computer module (in the trunk), based on a post from a while ago. Perhaps someone else has tried again, specifically with an XJ6?

Hi Tyler, Where are you pulling the input signal from?

Bob! Long time no talk - I was thinking about you the other day. Hope you’re doing well - I gotta email you some progress with my TR6 FI conversion!

I’m pulling my signal for the Trip Computer through one of the injectors - what do you get as an INST reading for your unit?

What I really should do is just drive a known distance (the exactly 90 miles from where the car is stored to my apartment in LA), fill up the gas tank and cross reference with the Trip computer… but since it’s unregistered, I have to make do with the country roads.