XJ6 wiring harness replacement

I would appreciate some advice on how much time would be involved on changing an engine wiring harness on a 87 XJ6, also estimated costs? Thank you very much. Blessings on your day

There are actually 3-4 harnesses involved.

Most commonly the fuel injection harness is replaced. Many make their own…but I think you can buy one for $300 or so from specialty vendors. Been a long time since I checked so I might be off-base on that price.

In terms of time/labor, it’s the easiest one to replace. Maybe an hour or so.

What issues are you having?


That is if you get the two plugs disconnected in half an hour.
Note that changing the harness decreased my oil pressure-and increased my temperature readings! But it does run better now, and looks nice.

Doug, John,
I happen to have my Parts Catalogue handy. The Jaguar part number for the Series III XJ6 Fuel Injection Harness was originally DAC1173 then superseded by DAC2023 and eventually DAC2390. An Internet search for “Jaguar” and those part numbers turns up a bunch of sources for these harnesses from $60 used to $485 new.