XJ6 XKE chrome wheel with original Dunlop SP tire (was spare wheel)

No longer needed. It is the spare wheel in my 1975 XJC.
Has hardly ever been used.
$300 (+ shipping)
South San Francisco

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Reduced to $300, anyone?

Reduced to $200?
Any takers?

The date code on your tire appears to be “418” which indicates it was manufactured before the four digit date code was implemented. The “41” would indicate the 41st week of the year (Sept/Oct) and the “8” could indicate 1978, 1988 or 1998. I thought that I should point out that at best this tire is almost 24 years old, and at worst it could be almost 44 years old. Although tire expert’s opinions vary about how old a tire must be before it is unsafe to drive on, I think most everyone would agree that even if it was only 24 years old, it should not be used on the road. I have used old tires on some of my Jaguars while I pushed them around in my shop during repairs and restorations. So I suppose this tire might have some value for that. But in my opinion it should not be used on the road.


Thank you for this Paul.

As stated in the post, it is indeed an original V rated Dunlop SP tire, as fitted to the 70s Jags in the US.

I believe this tire was no longer produced when the S3 appeared. To be confirmed.

So it likely is from 1978. No surprise.

It is fitted to the wheel that has been seating in the spare wheel well since before I bought the car 20 years ago.

I would certainly not drive with this tire.

I have a 1952 Citroën with spare wheel allegedly showing a tire from that era for which I paid good money back in the 80s. A fun piece of history :slight_smile: only few going around.

The things we do for fun :slight_smile:

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