XJ6C Converting USA to Euro style bumpers

I have recently purchased a 1977 XJ6C and am considering converting the USA style bumpers to Euro style bumpers. The USA bumpers are an “eyesore” and not in very good condition, while the Euro style bumpers present a much cleaner line. Anyone who has completed this conversion and cares to share experiences, parts needed, etc would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan

Essentialy you’re going to need the complete mounting assembly as well as the bumpers. I don’t know if you’ve tried to locate the bumpers or not, but I’ve been looking for nearly 3 years now and haven’t found a set at a suitable price. There is a company in Germany that is remanufacturing the OE Euro-bumper, If memory serve me, the cost is about $2,500 US for the front and the rear. and I don’t think that includes over-rides.

Let me know if you find a line on some reasonably priced bumpers cause I need a set too. Also, a word of caution, ebay lists series II bumpers but they’re not Series II bumpers their Series I bumpers. the give away is the license plate light on a Series I is on the bumper. this is not the case for the Series II or III. Also a Series 1 bumper sits much lower and doesn’t have a dimple for the grill like the series II and III.

My point is be careful on ebay because more often than not, they don’t know what their trying to sell - and the parts are not the same.


I did this conversion about 5 years ago on my XJ6C, using the Stainless bumpers listed above. I think I paid around $1300 for them shipped. I can tell you the quality is only so-so, but they of course look a LOT better than the USA bumpers.

To do this you will need the Euro hood hinge/ bumper brackets. They pop up from time to time on Ebay. Mine came from Italy. They slide into the rail structure in the front and bolt into place through holes that are already there, but different holes from the USA Impact absorbers. To do the front, the hood has to come all the way off and it is pretty straightforward otherwise. You will also need the Euro lower stainless grille, or come up with your own, as there is a lot exposed up there with the slimmer bumpers. Additionally, the turn signals have to be sourced, but the holes are already there in your front fenders so they pop right in.
In the rear, the supplied brackets didn’t come close to fitting and I had to drill a couple of new holes but again it was pretty straightforward. The over-riders block the view to the USA reflectors, so I removed them – now have two holes exposed on each side. The Euro cars have the rectangular reflectors directly under the tail lamps for this reason.

Hope this helps, it transforms the appearance of the car completely. Added benefit is the removal of about 100 lbs of weight at the ends, and the car shortens by about 5 inches or so too!

I have two sets of rear and one set of everything (hinges, lamps, grille, under-riders for the front, plus a Series 1 front that fits the body curves but needs customized mounts to make it fit. It would not be cheap but it would at least be convenient and all Jaguar… Off-list, naturally.

I would like to talk to you regarding the euro bumper components you have. I can be reached at 504-390-1119 when you have a few minutes.




Another couple of years later and I’m wondering how your stainless bumpers are. Someone told me they go yellow after a while.

I’d be interested to know where you sourced them, if you are happy. I have the US bumpers and I’m looking to make the switch.

Best regards

Nick Hill

XJC 4.2 (1976) Canadian spec, Paris


I’ve been thinking about going to stainless as it is quite a job to keep the original brightwork in good shape. Then again the stainless bumpers from Bumperworld are not a bargain. A friend used them for a Fiat and needed quite some work to break the razor sharp edges. Finally, they look a bit blueish.

Yet, there are plenty of SII chrome bumpers around. I replaced a center rear part last year and bought a front bumper - just in case … Keep an open eye on ebay and ebay classifieds in Germany and they will pop up. Front goes for 400 EUR, rear (three units) similarly. The over and under riders are still available as spares, but not cheap. You can get the Euro hinges and fixing brackets from places like Frank Herda https://www.ebay.de/str/catwalkjaguarxjersatzteile, NAYY. Prices may be a bit lower than in France. If you need help, language wise, let me know.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thank you Jochen. I am looking around. Finding them is not so difficult as finding good ones. Re-chroming sounds expensive.
Then again, it is a perfect excuse to buy another car…


I’m still pretty happy with them. Ideally I would have hard chromed bumpers, but the cost would be 3 times as much. They are a little on the warm side, but no one notices but me.

I got them from Group Harrington in the UK They were shipped from Vietnam. Sourced the Euro hood hinges and turn signals on eBay from Italy. I think I spent about $1500 for all of it, well worth it. In fact I just through out the 80Lb US bumpers last weekend.



Thank you. Wondering whether it is simpler and more economic to get new stainless and have them chromed or to source second hand and re-chrome. The latter would presumably require more work prior to re-chrome…

I’m a bit surprised that there is a market for stainless reproduction bumpers but not chrome…


for good chrome you need good quality steel and good quality chrome. The first isn’t easy to source as from the mid 70s bartering trade was common all over Europe. Poor soviet steel (typically mixed of different metals leading to corrosion from within) was traded for hard currency. Mercedes, Fiat, Alfa, Audi and Jags from that time on until the beginning 80s just rusted away.

Many original SII bumpers suffer from that period (ask me, I had one rear center part).

Adding to that chroming in Europe these days is harder than purchasing uranium in the darknet. So, no wonder the market has shifted to stainless.

That being said, good and unaffected originals are around and with some buffing and polishing get the right shine and the right patina for a 40+ year-old car.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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Right, thanks. Have not located any yet… sounds as if importing the Vietnamese steel bumpers then getting them chromed is an expensive solution of doubtful quality…

Sure Nick - like umbrellas: where are they when you need them …

Currently there is a guy selling all chrome parts from an XJ SII for 300 EUR; car is fairly shot, but looks as if the parts could be used for re-chroming https://www.ebay.de/itm/Jaguar-XJ-12-Stossstangen-usw-Chrom-kpl/153670111575?hash=item23c773d157:g:C4MAAOSwdIZdlcsA. Hard to get there though for dismantling … Did you contact Frank Herda? He currently sells a rear right corner bumper https://www.ebay.de/itm/Jaguar-XJ6-XJ12-Serie-1-2-rechte-hintere-Stosstangenecke-Rear-Bumper-XJ/383879539844?hash=item596100ec84:g:yM4AAOSwVztfl0al. I think he’s conversant in English and ships abroad, NAYY

Just keep searching


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)