XJ6R Buying nightmare

(Ryan Feather) #1

Hello all.
Yesterday I made the 100 mile journey to purchase a 1996 XJR6. I was happy with the car as it was in good shape mechanically and had a good history.
After a test drive we agreed a price and I began my journey home with the car. 80ish miles into it I decided I would give the car a little squirt up a hill.
After a squeek the gearbox failure light came on the dash and I lost power with a faint burning smell so I pulled into a bus stop to investigate.
I assumed I had span a belt or snapped one but all the belts looked to be in good shape. I restarted the car and it will rev but with a slight missfire and drive. I got it recovered and the mechanic seems to think the problem is electrical but I’m not quite sold on that idea.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Will be fixing the car regardless as iv waited a long time to finally own an XJR

Thankyou in advance


On my 1995 XJR the tranny light came on randomly, tranny light could be cleared by turning engine off, but if I kept running, service engine light would come on which I cleared with OBD meter. After 2 years and replacing etc,etc it was the external transmission wiring harness, two wires unsoldered in the sealed plug going into the transmission. I love my XJR now.

(j limongelli) #3

Snowball is correct, I posted this years ago…the tranny in an R is an old bullet proof gm turbo400 but modern
You cant kill it…
The wires intothe harness pull and frey. check that first, then CHANGE THE TRANNY MOUNT.
Big difference then change the fluid.
Good luck.

(PabloZ) #4

Mine turned out to be the Transmission control module.