Xj8 2003 intermittent clock and transmission and ABS and fuel gauge

Hello I have a 2003 JX8 that randomly gives us a “transmission fault”, or “no ABS” error signal. When we put the key in position II. Some other times the fuel gauge gives false readings, and the clock works but does not keep a proper time. I have just had my mechanic do a lot of work on the transmission and apparently the intermittent transmission fault signal did not disappear. This smells like an electrical problem to me, such as a ground loss. Has anyone any idea ?

2003 XJ8 can be X308 or X350 depending on location and gov’t MY configuration.

BIG difference in cars and recommendations for diagnosis.

Please confirm model.

well the car is still at the mechanic but it is a California car. Does this help ?

And it is not a compressor car, just the regular V8. What differs between X308 and X350 ?

X308s are steel bodied while X350 are Aluminium (English car English spelling :smile_cat:) and a slightly different shape.



Oh I see, well I learned something. But I thought that the aluminum ones were only 2004 onward.
Anyway, mine is the last year of the steel body, so 308.

As I understand it, X350 introduction in the USA was 2004, while in the UK and Europe it was 2003. This can lead to confusion on the various forums if the year is stated and not the X… model.