Xj8 Knock sensor

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Hi y’awl,
Does anyone have the correct torque setting for the knock sensors on a 2001 3.2 XJ8?
I’ve just changed all 4 o² sensors and the knock sensor and I’ve been told they need to be tighten to a specify torque.

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This may help:


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Thanks for that. Unfortunately I now have new error codes… N° 3 injector circuit and N°5 injector circuit. i’m going to attempt to fix the problem by bunging some injector cleaner in the tank tomorrow… If that fails i might have to sell the car as these new fangled electronics do me nut in. The lad did suggest i stick quad SU’s on it seeing as how I can cope with them and don’t start calling them names.

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Don’t give up there is plenty of knowledgeable folk here to help you out!
Though I don’t think Quad SUs would help and they were pigs to keep in tune.
Post the codes you are getting along with info on the reader/scanner.
Also take a look here:


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I’m now getting
P1316 Injection circuit/IDM
P0327 Knock sensor 1 Circuit low bank 1 or single sensor
P1000 Refer to vehicle service manual
P0300 Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected

After start up I only get P1000, P0327
After a short drive the other two codes appear and the engine wont rev past 3000rpm
What would you suggest as a good starting point to find the actual fault

As for fitting SU carbatooters he wasn’t being serious, I hope but you never can tell.
Assuming the pistons aren’t worn, once they’re set up properly they stay in tune for ages. The main problems with them are worn needle/jet due to misalignment, the other one is no oil or wrong oil in the damper.
Occasional you’ll get a bit of carp stuck in the float chamber which can be prevented by fitting a decent filter in yer fuel line
I’ve had quite a few cars with them fitted and never had any problems with them that couldn’t be fixed with a quick twiddle. I’ve got two Triumphs at present with them fitted and they both start and run as they should.

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Injector codes are more to do with the electrical connector/wiring rather than “cleaning them/flow”

Knock sensors - If the cables will reach you could try swapping the plug from 1 to 2 and vise versa.
Clear codes. Don’t drive far. If you now get code knock 2, you know the sensor is faulty.
If you get another knock sensor 1 code its a wiring loom fault.

Is it running on all 8 cylinders ?

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I’ve already renewed a faulty knock sensor (genuine jag one)after swapping plugs over.
The plug was cleaned before fitting the new one
It’s was all clear when it was fitted but it’s now got the same code (P0327) appearing on the odb reader.
i’ll remove the injector plugs tomorrow and clean them with electrical contact cleaner and see how that goes.

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I’ve reset the codes again and managed to drive about 1km before they reappeared.
I drove down the drive which is the best part of a KM long and it was fine. However shortly after hitting the main road the codes popped up accompanied with restricted power light. i now have P1000, P0300 (multi cyl misfire), P1316 (inj cir/idm), P0327 (knock sensor 1 cir).
Am I right in thinking knock sensor 1 cir would mean the fault is on the left side of the engine as seen from driver’s seat?
I’m going to swap coils around to see if it makes a difference. i’ll also be cleaning all electrical connections in the hope it’s something simple.

if anyone has any other ideas what to check it would be greatly appreciated.


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Bank 1 is on the (correct) British driver’s side.
If you have a LHD car then the 'A’bank or Bank 1 is on the RIGHT side of the engine.


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Thanks for that. I found an online E-manual where I found that info unfortunately it also give about 4 different cylinder numbering.
Having found the correct side of the engine I had to start all over again.
I have found that the sparkplug holes on that side are full of oil so I’ve ordered a gasket/seal set for the engine. I’m hoping that’s whats caused the problem but while I’m waiting for the gaskets to arrive I’ll be checking coils etc.

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latest update…I’ve changed the knock sensor on the correct side and that’s got rid of the P0327 code. I took it out for a drive and stopped every mile or so and re-read the faults codes. It came up in a variety of misfire codes, different each time I wiped the codes and re-read them. P 0305( Misfire cylinder 5) was very popular as was P1316 (injection circuit/IDM). I did get these same two to come up while sat outside the house and holding the throttle at 2000rpm for about 20secs. After erasing them again I couldn’t get them to reappear.
So at present I just have P1000 which I think means I need to take it for a longer drive. The new cam cover gaskets are due to arrive tomorrow so i’ll wait until after I’ve fitted them then I’ll take it out on the road and give it a damn good thrashing.
Ps Does anyone know what the cylinder positions are on a 2001 3.2l.
I’ve searched on line and found 4 different possibilities

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Cylinder number 5 is the LEFT FRONT for V8 engines made in 2001.

The engines made in that era are numbered



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Brilliant!!!, having changed the round seals on both sides and the gasket on one side we now have no codes. There was an abundance of oil that had leaked past the cam cover seals and contaminated the plugs and coils, also N°5 plug had an excessively large gap, over 1mm. All is well with the engine ( the low coolant light is now on even though the coolant level is fine. the sensor may have been knocked while flaffing about with the cam covers)

What thats??? Why did I change only one gasket and not both sides? Well I tell you, someone at some point has changed the cam cover and put one from the earlier model on and the gasket doesn’t fit.

Thanks to all for all your help it’s much appreciated.