XJ81 (MY94 XJ12) with no power to climate control panel

My new-to-me 1994 XJ12 has seems to have zero power at the climate control panel.
None of the buttons or dials do anything at all. I seem to recall something in other posts about a microswitch inside the guts of the control panel.
I have checked power at the fuses for the LH and RH blowers and I have power on both legs of each of those fuses.
Is this lack of any reaction to pressing any buttons or rotating either of the dials on the climate control panel a good indication that this microswitch inside the control panel probably is the issue?
Or could it possibly be the Aux power relay DBC10009 ?
Other electrical systems in the car seem to function (windows, cig lighter socket, and etc)

Haven’t had the issue myself but according to the archive, the microswitch powers up the climate control ecu etc so more than likely the problem. New switch? radio shack

You can check to see if the c.c. system is getting power from relay module DBC10009 (with ignition on you should have 12v on pin 1 of the white [uppermost] connector at the c.c. module). Do you have the Jaguar electrical guide? I have the S-65/93 guide that is for 1993 MY (works AFAIK for 1994 MY as well) but the file size is too large to upload here. I can PM to you a link to d/l it from my Dropbox if you would like.