XJC - Window Scratches

Both front windows of my XJC have parallel vertical scratches on the outside of the window near the rear vision mirrors.

Pulling back the the outside rubber there is a roller inside the door that has four protrusions and it is these that are causing the parallel scratches. I assume this roller is part of the system in the coupe windows to keep the window pushed in and sealed against the door frame.

Has any other coupe owner had this issue and what was the solution - I guess replacing the roller and if so was it difficult.



are you wanting instructions to remove glass to get to the anti rattle pads?


Every coupe has that issue, more or less. They can be replaced and they can be repaired. The front one is easy but IIRC the rear one requires the glass to be removed frim the door.

The rubber on the rollers hardens and gets dirty over time and that causes the marks on the glass. In my experience it’s always worse in the front. But glass can be polished if you want.

At the time I replaced all four in my coupe the plastic 1” bushes on the door glass fitting points / holes was NLA. Mine were a bit beaten, but fortunately not broken, so be careful with those if you decide to take the glass out.


Hi Tom - not sure what I am asking at this stage :roll_eyes:

Hi Pekka - it is only the front ones that are scratching the glass so from what you have said the rears must be OK.

The scratches are quite deep so I doubt they can be polished out but I will check with a auto glass expert to see what can be done.

I will order replacement rollers and take it from there.



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Decades ago, a local glazer told me how to see f a scratch on glas culd be polished awa.

Pass a finger nail across he scratch. if yu feel it, it will nt polish out.

And, in a wind shield, it may change the refraton and case lurrs in looing thrugh t.


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yeh gets a bit lost in translation with so many responses, i’ll sit back & anytime you want some info (if i have it) let me know.

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Hi Carl - yes I can feel the scratches with my finger nail so will not polish out but there is more than one way to attempt to deal with this.


Thanks Tom - that would be great as I am still felling my way with these vehicles.