XJL fuel pump cuts out constantly

Hi guys,
I have a 2015 XJL. At Christmas my brother in law put 40 litres of diesel in using a canister with long nozzle. Ever since, I struggle to fill the car at the pump. It cuts out constantly and takes 5 minutes to put in 30 litres.
Does anyone have an idea what has happened and if I can fix it?
I thought it could be the evap purge valve but I am unsure how it has happened straight after the manual fill.


Welcome to Jag-lovers. Unfortunately you are on the wrong list. Your 2015 XJL is at least a few generations newer than the Series I, II, and III XJ6 and XJ12 saloons produced from the late 1969s to early 1990s. I am not sure what list you are supposed to be on but your car has nothing in common with the cars discussed on this list. Check out the info on the Jag-Lovers website to see where your car is discussed.

Good Luck,



Welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the correct area, unfortunately I have no idea what would cause your problem, hopefully some one will be on line and can help soon.