XJR Crankshaft pulley damper locking tool

(Andy.Preston) #1

On my 1999 XJR I’m trying to install the front crankshaft pulley damper. In order to prevent the pulley from rotating I have loaned tool 18G 1437 and 18G 1437-1 from JCNA tool loan program. However both tools assembled are 1 1/2" too short to go into the front of the pulley. The depth of the front pulley is 3" and the two tools combined are only 1 1/2".What am I missing here. Is there another adapter that I need?

Thanks Andy

(motorcarman) #2

I gave up on the Jaguar special tools when I worked at the dealer. Everytime I went to the tool board the tool I needed was missing!!

I learned to improvise and just use what I had in my toolbox. ALWAYS WORKED!!!


(Ken Tice) #3

I used Bob’s method (which I learned from an earlier post of his – Thank You) when I did mine
last year. I bought “OTC6969 Ratcheting Chain Wrench – 24"” to do the job.


(Andy) #4

Andy - I guess the tools would work ok on a non supercharged model? That maybe a clue!

(Paul Wigton) #5

Chain wrenches are very handy devices!

(Andy.Preston) #6

It was my fault, I had ordered the wrong adapter tool and so it was not deep enough to fit into the deep well of the XJR crankshaft pulley that has the additional pulley for the supercharger. Many thanks to George Camp (JCNA) who pointed out my mistake and advised me about the correct adapter 303-191-03 which he shipped me and it worked perfectly.

The 2 pieces bolt together and then attach to the crankshaft pulley with the 2 bolts to prevent the pulley from turning. I don’t know how you’d achieve the minimum torque of 258 ft lbs without this tool set up. It took me less than 30 minutes to install the new pulley.

I’d recommend using a new O ring, Oil seal, collet and bolt. Thanks again to George for his help.

Andy 1999 XJR