XJR15 spring compression height?

Can anyone tell me what the correct spring compression height is for the above? I think there’s a 5 thou tolerance? I also think there’s a difference between the inlet and exhaust?
They were all over place when I checked them before strip down.

WOW Thats heavy iron for this group. Call this number ask for Matt Ivanhoe 203 524 2898 united states
He has 3 of them tell him GTJOEY TOLD YOU TO CALL…Good luck and enjoy the forum

Thanks very much for your advice
. I’ve already spoken to two ex TWR guys in the uk I know personally. They said Walkinshaws’ guys working in different aspects of the cars,weren’t allowed to talk to each other about their fields of expertise! One of them
Mentioned a bloke who now lives in New Zealand would know, but he had no contact details. Think his name is Alan Scott? Don’t think he contributes on the forum?
I’ll give your guy a go.

Those were great times from the xj220 to the xjr15, but the teams all got kookie , kind of like the shelby click in the states.
Thats why the JAGS tanked…theres a following but it difficult to ban together, each person has a piece of the pie and no one wants to share.
They dont realise that if its not organized in ten years no one will care.
Good luck my friend…I think my buddy can help you.

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Thanks again because I’m a tight Englishman,it costs load to call the USA from this side iof the pond, my mate Mark T Lee from near Seattle, who I’ve known for years through jag lovers, tried to contact Matt Ivenhoe for me. He got an answer machine message, hopefully he’ll reply to him! Thanks again for your assistance.

Good luck my friend…

Hi Nigel, you are correct in Allan Scott he has written a very good book on his time with TWR and he was the engine man. I can see if he is willing to divulge any information.

Hi Robin
Thanks a lot. Tell him I am a mate of Courtney Walsh, he also worked at TWR back in the day and knew Allan.I’m ex Jaguar from the 70’s/80’s. Served my time there. As an apprentice, I worked with Pete Dodd on XJ13 re commisioning for a few weeks, who he might have know? think he sort of was a go between TWR and dear old JLR.

Still no definitive info received so far. I’ve been told 40 thou free movement on full lift before coil bound, as a basic setting with 10 thou valve clearance.

The XJR15 engine is an XJRs lump with some alterations, given that these cars are apparently worth a crazy amount the work needs to be done by somebody who knows what they are doing. The only difference is your cams will be 0.415 lift as opposed to standard but made this way so the shimming is standard. If you are touching on a pro valve spring set up then there are very few people who know how to do this and some disagreements in how to. But 1st is the justification for what you are thinking or doing. Any replacement spring of quality will have set up data, poundage fitted, fitted height, coil bind height, poundage at coil bind, useable lift etc, you will need special tools and the knowledge to use them, It wil take hours and cost money. But will you ever use this? Oil pressure is only 50 psi which by the book (10 psi per 1k revs) means 5,000 revs max yet people push to 7K. A drive to the club on high days hardly justifies the work, just throw in std springs. But hey its your money and your car.

Why did I say Courtney Walsh! His surname is Smith. I’ve spoken to another couple of ex TWR guys but neither of them new the answer to my question. One of them Martin Smith ( yes, another Smith!) Is trying to find out from one of his old work mates at TWR

Thank you for your advice. Very helpful