XJS 1993 no power to radio

My car is an early 1993 LHD V12 6.0L. I have been reading earlier postings , however my car seems to be different.
All regular fuses have been replaced. Now I am looking for an inline fuse ( if there is one ! ). Removed ashtray, can only see a black plastic tube, no wiring at all. Removed drivers side of tunnel cover. Can see two wire bundels with connectors right in front the opening I made. But NO inline 2A fuse.
Any suggestions ?

You need to pull the radio out from the dash to find the inline fuse.

Your car shouldn’t have inline fuses for the radio.
According to the electrical diagrams for the 93 cars, the switched power comes from the seat heater relay (!), via a 10 amp fuse 7 in the fuse box in the drivers side underdash panel. The relay, in turn, gets its power directly from the battery bus on the firewall. So if that relay or the fuse is bad, you won’t get switched power. The relay is on the right underdash component panel.

Unswitched power comes from fuse 6 in the same fuse box. In addition, there may be a fuse on the back of the radio for unswitched power.

If those fuses and the relay check out, pull the radio. You should have switched power on the white/blue stripe wire, and unswitched on the pink wire, assuming you have a stock radio and connector.

Here’s a link to the 93 wiring and component location diagrams.

Thank you Jon for the info. Fuses were OK, both white/blue and pink wire were live with ignition turned on, so it looks that my radio died. I bought a replacement Blaupunkt radio with a special conversion kit to connect the old plug with the new radio. We instal this to see whether my conclusion is correct.

Glad I could help. Please report back with results with the new radio.

Good afternoon Jon, I bought an extension piece , that should convert the Jaguar connector, which was plugged-in the original Jaguar radio. The piece converts the wiring cable into DIN-connectors, as used in modern radio’s. I found a few divinations, amongst them pin 11 on the new connector is a black wire (ground !).
When I went through them all, I found more differences.
The Jaguar installed connector has all pins numbered for reference.
I checked all wiring against the wiring diagram, which you forwarded me through the link (thanks again !) .
Pin 9 has a slate wire , on the wiring diagram it is a black wire for a speaker. Would you know where the slate wire comes from ? It is not mentioned on the diagram at all.
Pin 10 is white/blue (switched), Pin 11 is Purple ( non-switched). They are reversed on the Jaguar connector !
Pin 12 is a white/red color, the wiring diagram mentions: locate lightning . Must I assume this is the illumination ?
Pin 4 has a yellow/green wire the power the antenna.
It is possible the change the wiring on the pins of the female connector , however before I make the changes, I want to make sure that everything is correct.
Thank you for your help.


First off, Jaguar uses totally non- industry standard wiring colors for radio installs. The DIN connectors on your adapter appear to follow the industry standard colors for all aftermarket radio wiring. The black DIN connector only has power and power related wiring. The brown DIN connector only has speaker wiring.

Standard DIN power (black) connector wiring colors are:
Red, switched power
Yellow, constant power
Black, ground
Blue or Blue/white ( some radios have both), power antenna/aux amp turn on
Orange, radio illumination or dimming.

Speaker (brown) connector:
Grey, rt frt+
Grey/black, rt frt -
White, left frt+
White/black, left frt-
Violet, rt rear+
Violet/black, rt rear -
Green, left rear +
Green/black, left rear -

So match the FUNCTION of the wire on the Jaguar end connector of your adapter to the FUNCTION of the connector in the car. Forget wiring colors; they simply won’t match.


Would you know what the function of the slate wire (presently connected to pin 9 of the Jaguar connector ? I cannot find a slate wire in the diagram .
And what is the function of the white/red wire connected to pin 12 of the Jaguar connector
Thank you for your help

Brown plug has the 8 wires for the speakers. Don’t understand the question.

Yes they are IIRC.

To dim the radio illumination when the lights are On.

What Blaupunkt head unit did you get?

For pin 9, i am referring to the the “Jaguar side” plug, not the Blaupunkt one.

Pin 10 and 11. Sorry I am a foreigner, not familiar with “IIRC”

Pin 12. Understood

Do you mean on the current connector that is in the car? Or on the new adapter harness?
In my description of the speaker wire colors, grey = slate.


On the car connector is a full grey/slate wire , next to the blue/white.
This is the one I can’t find in the wiring diagram ?

I’m beginning to suspect you have a slightly later radio interconnect than what is on the 93 diagram. Jaguar changed radio intterconnects at random sometimes.
Can you take a picture of the top and bottom of the wire side of the connector for your old radio? Also a picture of the pin side of that connector? Like these:

My car was first registered in June 1993

This front of the plug
image2.jpegThe four outer pins on one side are connected to black/red wires and on the other side black/white. The pins inwards of the outer ones are all connected to black wires.

This makes up for the four speakers.
The only other wire on this side is yellow/green , which connects to the antenna.

Here the four wires in between are slate ( grey ) leads to “have no clue” , not on the wiring diagram. Than blue/white is the switched wire coming from the seat heater relay. Then the purple , I assume permanent wire (un switched) according the wiring diagram. And the white/red connected to LB160-12 “ locate lightning”. I have been informed that this reduces to light on the radio screen at night , when the lights are on. So big question : whats does the slate ( grey ) wire !




I suspect it is for muting when an old vehicle cell phone was fitted. Is that wire position populated on the DIN conversion harness? If so, what color is it.I can’t really tell from your picture. Do all of the other wire functions match up on the new harness?

No, certainly not. They are nearly all different.That is why I try to define the function of all wires.
I received the harness unboxed, just in a plastic bag. So. I don’t know for sure whether it is for a 1993 XJS. However I can make it into one, when I know the function of all wires.

If all of the other wires at the existing vehicle side connector match the diagram, I’d ignore the grey wire. You only need the speaker wires, constant power, switched power, illuminstion, and power antenna.


I was able to open the plug and rearrange the pins of the male plug so they would match the jaguar plug. Installed the radio. Had to make a couple of brackets , so I could attach the new radio to the original attachments pointsimage0.jpegimage1.jpegimage2.jpeg

And we have sound !!!
Thank you for your help in sorting out the wires




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Glad i was able to help.