XJS 1994 sun visors

Description:Sun visors from my 1994 Jaguar XJ-S. I have four and some are in very good/great shape, one has a small rip in the leather and one has no covering. The pivots/mounts are not cracked.
All have good working lighting and no damage to mirrors.
These are the common light beige color. AWF ?
Asking $60 ea. + shipping but open to reasonable offers.
Recent Photos available on request.
Lots more item available that I did not need for my failed restoration.
Location: Pacifica CA

Hello, are these still available? Trim code?

I can never remember if it’s AWF or AFW.
Since I’m going to be away from the computer please call or text me before 4 PM @ 650-455-1110.

I just wanted to update you with some current info.
The two sets of visors I have are not as perfectly pristine as I thought.
One set from my 4.0 donor car has two small (less than 1/4") rips in the material.
The other set originally from my 6.0 are of questionable value.
One is very nice and the other had the leather removed and the rest painted black.
That’s a long story about the previous owner, not for today.
Now I need to find the pics I took and sent to the computer.
I’ll send you pis as soon as I recreate the files.

Do you mean this item?

1994 sales brochure. It is large, 11" x 13" glossy, 28 pages and covers the history of the brand, and features specifications for the complete 1994 line, XJ6, Vanden Plas, XJ12, XJS Coupe & Convertible in both the 4.0 & 6.0. There is also information on the new XJ220.

The main Pic of this CL ad shows the cover.

1994 Jag Brochure.jpg

You said you have other parts from your failed restoration. Do you by chance have the center console compartment cover? and not sure if you have the hard top or not, but if you have the convertible do you by chance have weather seals for the doors?

I do have a center console cover, but whatever trim code you have I would redo it.
The grained surface, after scrubbing, is not giving up it’s dirt.
I don’t think it’s showing any ware or abrasions.
Pics available if you connect with my phone, 650-455-1110.
Let me know if you need any of the hardware.
You can have it for $30, including shipping.
My cars were coupes, so even if I still have the seals, they would not fit.
Since I’m going to be away from the computer please call or text me before 4 PM @ 650-455-1110.
Stephen D’Angelo
1107 Galvez Drive
Pacifica CA 94044