XJS 1995 V12 6.0 coupe For Sale

Description: 1995 XJS V12 6 liter coupe Black/Cream 67,000 miles. This car has a couple of nice modifications. The headlights have been changed to the dual round from the one piece. Alcantra headliner and stereo replaced with a more modern unit with blue tooth for phone. Has brand new Goodyear Eagle Sport VR rated tires and just installed Bilstein shocks front and rear. Running and driving great. Paint on the roof and rear deck lid is starting to check. The rest of the paint is quite good 7-8 out of 10. Interior is very clean no tears or excessive wear on the leather. The wheels are mint and gleaming. The car has a rebuilt title but there is no history or indication of any accidents or body damage. There was an issue with the Transmission computer TCU when I bought it. I replaced the TCU and it is working perfectly.

Asking price (if selling): $12,500 USD

Location: Central Virginia USA

Contact information: PM or text 804-651-2415

Cost of shipping (if selling): At buyers expence

Willing to ship worldwide? Maybe

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@Doug_Dwyer … yer chance to get back in the saddle!

Were the pictures taken before or after the shocks were changed?

what wheels are those? would they fit a series 1 xj6?

After! photos are from a few days ago. I have two of these cars and Bilsteins make a huge difference in ride and handling but they are expensive.

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Original 16" wheels for 95 V12 XJS. Yes should fit any XJ pre XJ40.

If you are thinking the car looks high in the rear, it isn’t. I just noticed that looking at the photo. It must be the angle.

thank you! good luck with the sale. great looking jag!

It’s a great looking car. I am sorely tempted. Your price is on the money, don’t let it go for much more than a token amount less.

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I see you have or have had a few (more than me). I love this car but I also have a 94 6.0 coupe and going to let this one go.