XJS 3.6 litre trip computer

I am chasing a trip computer for my 3.6 litre RHD XJS part number DAC4452 including the revised panel that it mounts in ie my car presently doesn’t have one.
I am chasing any info on the installation wiring or other bits that may be required,
thanks terry

You will also need the trip computer interface.

More info here:

thanks greatly for that, scary looking!

Hi Terry,

I am pretty sure I have a computer from a 1984 XJSC , I changed it as
well as the interface unit to solve a problem.

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Just a reminder guys, if you want to pursue this further either take it to PM or the classifieds.

as I have noted elsewhere this is the place for enquiries seeking info and advice etc regards terry

Yep no problem with that, just preempting any pricing going on.

so do you have an interface as well? where does this fit? and I suppose why did you have to change it
regards terry

Hi Terry,

Yes I believe I do have the interface. When I bought the car in about
2000, it would occasionally run down the battery. I noticed that the
trip computer went odd at the same time. Changing the trip computer
didn’t solve the problem, so I also changed the interface unit. This did
the trick.

Where in the UK are you? Do you know about electronics? Normally Jaguar
electronic module problems all solved by changing one IC.

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I have a trip computer I removed from my 1989 XJS v12 and installed an analog clock and new wood trim. I don’t know what it is worth. I also have the wood trim for both sides of the trip computer for the four push buttons. Attached are pictures of the trip computer. I left the wires in the connectors to help in rewiring the unit. Sometimes the trip computers are known for indicating incorrect readouts. This computer has indicated incorrect information sometimes.

Good luck,
Let me know if you can not see the the pictures.

Trip Comp Front.pdf (136.5 KB)
Trip Comp Back.pdf (122.6 KB)
Dashboard Clock.pdf (193.0 KB)
the same thing.

thanks for the info and photos
We have established that the trip computer is different from 3.6 to 4.2 to V12.
We need a DAC4452 ie the number on label on rear.
I would be keen to see the pic of wood panel and would be interested in this item.
There is also a secondary electric box in the boot.
thanks terry


My car is a XJS V12 5 liter. I don’t know if the trip computer will match your car. I have found that jaguar and other companies change part numbers for the same part from year to year to increase the price. I needed a 1989 turn signal, hopefully new. I could only locate used arm and mounting support. I did find a new 1986 XJ6 arm and mounting bracket part number AEU 2802 for the wiper and steering column (see attached pictures of the 1989-part number AEU 1733 on the bottom of the picture with a red rod thru the broken plastic compression fitting and the new 1986 unit at the top of the picture. It looked identical to the 1989 unit I had. I purchased the 1986 XJ6 for a lot less than the used 1989 XJS and I could sell the 1986 for a lot more than I purchased it for. The 1986 had different wire connectors but it had the same number and colored wires, it fits perfectly. I have not turned it on yet. II am currently installing a new Narnia steering wheel and head lamps. I will send a separate email with additional pictures. Including the trip computer with approximate size, quantity and colors of the wiring.

I will send a separate email with additional pictures in case your computer system cannot download all the pictures. also attached the picture of the new clock in the new wood dashboard in place of the trip computer.

Best of luck,

Patrick Powell

Turn Signal Mounting Ass. Broken Pinch Screw Bracket.pdf (137 KB)

Clock on night.png

Trip Computer Front.pdf (2.09 MB)

(Attachment Back of Trip Computer Wiring.pdf is missing)

Trip Computer width.pdf (759 KB)

Trip Computer length.pdf (2.33 MB)