Xjs 4.0L AJ6 Conv - Blown head gasket. (5 New tires!) CHEAP! Arlington, VA, USA

Here are some photos…

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     -More Photos coming later this week -

Custom exhaust work done 2 weeks ago…

Five new tires (Kumho - speed rated)…
Yep. I even replaced the spare!

Check out the ratings on this tire from Tire Rack… People LOVE 'em!

Had for 15 years.
Has issues, but looks good.

AC needs work, oil leaks in engine bay. Rear diff leaks. Speedo stopped working… and I shorted out a wire leading to the instrument cluster.

I replaced the AC evaporator, but the remanufactured compressor stripped where the bolt goes that holds the two ac hoses on.

Part of the interior is disassemble d from the AC work, but I have all the parts.

Both blower motors work, but the right one squeeks when ever you brake hard.

5 new kumho tires… They are v rated and appropriate for the car.

Replaced the brake accumulator.

Anyway, you get the point. It’s a great car for someone who wants to work on it, use it for parts, or possibly lump it.

With the blown head gasket, you’ll need to tow it away. Located in Fairfax, VA

Asking price (if selling): 1000 for anyone on the forum. Subject to prior sale. If no interest today or tomorrow, might put it on eBay with no reserve.

Bonus for Virginia residents,. I have the license plate number of Jaguar I. Which I can xfer to you if you want.

Location: Fairfax, VA

Contact information: Phil2010@pjb3.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): You pay shipping.

Willing to ship worldwide? Sure, but I won’t be scammed, so don’t waste your time.

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

2nd post to this thread.

Here’s a more detailed description with a special focus on what’s bad or what needs attention.

It’s not meant to scare anyone off. I’d venture to argue that all jags of this vintage have some issues.

It’s more to say that, if you want the car, go for it. I’m only asking a song for it, and if you want to offer me less, I might take it… provided that someone else doesn’t agree to buy it for only $1K.

Here’s the very good part. It has five new tires. (4 plus a spare!)… so that alone may make it worthwhile to some XJS owners.

It’s a '93 XJS convertible. Champagne with a chocolate brown top.
It has about 100K miles… the odometer says 92K, but the speedo broke a few years ago.
I’ve owned it for the past 15 years, and used it for pleasure only.

It has lots of issues – although I didn’t consider any of them show stoppers – until the recent engine coolant issue.

The car is 27 years old, and JAGS are not known for their reliability, so quite honestly the car has issues, and I would not expect that to stop. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a parts car, or want to do an engine swap, or want a project, I think that this is at least a decent candidate. I don’t have a garage. If i did, i’d probably look at putting a chevy V8 in it, and rebuilding or repairing the rear end.

Here’s a run-down of the issues – just in the interest of full disclosure.

The AC gave me problems. I replaced the evaporator, and lots of other parts, and put in a reman compressor with a new clutch. The reman compressor was stripped where the bolt attaches that holds the two AC hoses in – so, it still needs work. I saved the rear piece of the old compressor, but it was filthy inside. My intent was to clean it thoroughly (probably by soaking it in a 1 gal carb cleaner fluid), and then place it on the back of the reman compressor. I have gauges, a vacuum pump, and about 12 to 15 lbs of R12 left, so if you purchase the car, I can give you the R12 too, but not the pump or gauges, unless you’re interested in purchasing everything. I don’t have any older cars anymore (once this one is gone), so I’d consider selling for a reasonable price.

The speedo doesn’t work. A signal is making it’s way to the front, because the trip computer registers mileage. In trying to fix it, I accidentally let one of the pins on the connector ground out. It caused smoke and melted one of the wires on the harness. Replacing the melted wire might fix it… or maybe not!

Something is leaking in the rear end, causing fluid to drip onto one of the rear inboard brake rotors. This is a very common problem in the car, and there can be many causes. I’ve heard it’s a pain in the tuckus to fix (that’s a technical term), but I haven’t tried.

I replaced the electric fan for the AC condensor with an after market fan, but haven’t wired it in yet.

I replace the accumulator bulb for the anti-lock brakes.
I’ve ordered a part from England to advance the engine timing by about 5 or 7 degrees… the part was shipped by hasn’t arrived. It’s supposed to increase performance.

I redid parts of the exhaust. Search for my posts, and you’ll see pictures. I like it, but the center resonator is a bit too low so it sometimes scapes the ground. I had the parts and a plan to redo that part.

I repaired problems with the blower motors for the HVAC. Now they both work, but the right blower motor has a slight squeak when you brake hard. I was planning to rebuild that.

I had to take apart the whole dash to replace the evaporator. The job was a success, but the interior is only partially reassembled. The rest has to still be assembled, although I do have all of the parts.

I had a problem with my power antenna. It’s a hirschman, I believe. I’ve gotten one from a benz that has the parts necessary to rebuild it. I also have a different brand of after-market antenna that could be installed instead.

I replaced the top with the correct type of replacement, but made a couple of small tears during installation, which I tried to repair with epoxy. It looked good for a couple of years, but has since turned white. Also, I replaced the headliner inside, but because I’m not very good with glue, I got black caulk on parts of the headliner in the back on either side of the window – oh well. That’s life.

So what’s good. There’s zero rust, and the body looks good. The clear coat is delaminating on the driver’s front quarter panel, but other than that the paint is good.

The body is good but not perfect… but it looks good and clean. There is one door ding that I’m unhappy about, and 2 or 3 small dimples in the trunk where I closed the trunk with something sticking up inside, and it made a small dimple. GRRRR!

I put 5 new Kuhmo tires on it about a year ago. They are basically new – fewer than 1000 miles. I say 5 because I did the spare tire too.

I’m keeping the battery – it’s a good one – and since I’m selling it cheaply, I’d rather keep my $250 battery and use it elsewhere, than let it go “at a loss”. You’ll need a battery, but I can leave it in for you to check out the cat.

The convertible top and windows all work well and as expected.

A connection for the rear defroster came off. I have the parts to fix it, but haven’t.

I put in an after-market alarm with remote start. You’d need to reconnect the wires to get it to work, but it should be fairly easy.

I’ve removed both switches that detect when the doors are open. I suspected that they were failing and a source of parasitic battery drain. I have replacement switches that can be installed, but it’s not done.

For the HVAC, there is an internal temp sensor that has a small motor that spins a fan to sample the temp of the air cabin temp. The fan motor doesn’t work. You can pull one from a junk yard from just about any car and wire it in to make it work.

The spark plug wires are maybe 4 years old, and good. I have new spark plugs that can go with the car.

Also, the seat heaters don’t work (common problem), the leather on driver’s side of the driver’s seat bolster is warn, and the stiching separated at one part on the bottom of the passenger’s seat – c’est la vie.

Also, the plastic casing around the seat belt latches broke. They need to be rebuilt, replaced, or repaired.

There were multiple wet spots in the engine compartment from various leaks – probably oil and power steering fluid. I didn’t notice that the car was low on oil or actively dripping, but I’m not surprised that after 27 years, that you will have and continue to get fluid leaks from old seals that have dried out and/or failed.

If you’ve read all of this, and are still interested in the car, then it’s for you, and clearly you are a jag lover!

Just last week, I ran a zero-sixty using a GPS app on my phone, and it was exactly 6 seconds. Not bad for a 27 year old 4.0L. I think that the exhaust mods were a big factor.
So. It’s an older jag. It has issues. It’s a gorgeous car, and still turns heads.

It’s like a boat – you love it and you hate it, and it always needs to have something fixed, but once you’ve been bitten by the bug, you won’t want to ever be without it!

I took the car to a friends house who lives in Fairfax Virginia – not far from the Gallows Road exit off of 495. I’ll go there this week to take a bunch of pictures to share.

I realize that the car isn’t worth much money as-is, so if you think you want it, make me an offer. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by my answer. :slight_smile:

3rd post to this thread

OK. I have one “strong interest” from a member in NC, and one offer for less than $1,000 from another member.

I’m going to take the offers in the order that I receive them to be fair.
If someone wants it for the asking price of $1,000, it’s theirs.

Otherwise, I’ll consider lower offers, and accept one of them if it doesn’t sell for a grand first, but if you offer less than $1K, then you’ll have to wait and see if anyone else wants it for a grand, and take the risk that I might sell it for a grand. (!!!)

Oh… exciting choices!! (hehe!)

I’ll keep the thread updated, and try to be fair.



P.S. – I think I’ve found my desired replacement – when the time comes.
I’m considering somewhere between a 2005 and 2009 Mercedes SL500 or SL550.
I’m seeing some with about 100K miles for $10K to $12K price range. Something like that
i should be able to drive for 8 to 10 years without spending too much on maintenance or repairs (I hope).
I put fewer than 4K miles per year on my toy, so if I get one that’s not too beaten up, I should have it for a long time… but I digress… plus, I cut a deal with my wife on what I need to do before I get another toy… so it’ll probably be 1 to 2 yrs before I’m back in the market.

Interest from:

@ Richard_Greene

@ Wayne_Canter

(will update list, in order of inquires received).

I mentioned it to the wife and she just gave me “the look” smh. Oh well! I’m sure you’ll sell it quickly

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I’m just up the road in Gaithersburg and could get it Triple A towed for free and have lots of space, but have no time to look after it. A year ago maybe.

definitely a missed opportunity. :slight_smile:

Updated first post to add 11 recents photos.

See Xjs 4.0L AJ6 Conv - Blown head gasket. (5 New tires!) CHEAP! Arlington, VA, USA


Dang it! If only I was single lol​:sob::joy:
Of course then I’d probably be broke due to alimony payments smh


Good thing it’s in Fairfax, VA…!

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I would have responded sooner but had some difficulty with my password.
I am interested in the car for the asking price. The only stipulation would be how much time would I have to pick it up ? I am just South of Pittsburgh, PA and it would probably take me a few weeks to adjust my schedule to drive out with my trailer to get it.



I think we can work that out. It’s at a friend’s house who I asked if I could keep it there for about 2 weeks, or maybe up to a month at most while I sell it, so I know that he’ll work with me if I have a ready buyer coming.

If you’d like the car, I propose that you paypal a deposit of $250 to me at phil at pjb3 com, (there’s a dot before the com). Then, we can arrange for you to come get the car and pay the remaining $750 in cash when you pick it up. If that sounds reasonable to you, then please send the paypal, and I’ll update the thread once I get the deposit.

Thanks, Steve.

Everyone else… if Steve sends the deposit, then it’s sold, pending final payment and pickup.
I appreciate the other offers that I’ve gotten… actually, I’ve enjoyed the drama of “do you wanna buy it for a grand, or offer less and take a chance?”.



P.S. After I came home from taking the photos, I fell in love with the car all over again – warts and all! I told my wife that I decided that I love the car so much that I was going to keep it and fix it. She was kind about it. Rather than barking orders, she calmly spoke about how she felt it was the right decision for me to let it go, since I don’t have a place (meaning a garage or even a back yard) or the time to do extensive work myself, and she said that I can get a different convertible as a toy in a year or two, once I fulfill a couple of promises that I made to her. So… with an extra heavy heart, my jag-owner days are drawing to a close, but I’ll have the next year or two to get excited and dream about the replacement. Likely a 2006 or newer SL500 or SL550, or 2012 or newer Mustang convertible (they have 400+ HP – hehe!), or a Corvette convertible… I’m not sure of the year yet… but I’m hoping for one of the years that also has 400+ HP. :smiley:

and Stephen… god bless you if you breath life back into my beloved car. I really enjoyed owning and driving it, and I’ll miss it terribly!



I’ll send out the down payment tomorrow. You can contact me directly at sjniznik@msn.com

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Got the deposit. Thanks!
I’m looking forward to meeting you in person when you pick up the car.

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